PTS Consulting Includes:

Business/Technology Assessment

Detailed Budgeting

Disaster Recovery Planning

License Review/Audit

Compliance Verification

Relocation Planning

Network Security Auditing

Storage Capacity Planning

Lifecycle Management

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Consulting Services from Palmer Technology Solutions

Plan for your IT future

Consulting Services from PTS are the most cost effective way to get the best solution for your IT dollars.

Why use Consulting from Palmer Technology Solutions?

Would you allow someone to build your house without seeing the blueprints? Of course not. With Consulting Services from PTS we will create a visual plan that includes processes and proposed solutions. Once you have a visual plan you can get all involved on the same page to make a well informed confident decision. If there are any loose ends they are easily identified and wrapped up.

When planning to make changes to your IT or implement new technology, Consulting Services from PTS can help you get the best return on your IT dollars.