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Expert Solutions to meet YOUR needs

PTS provides the full range of hardware and software solutions designed to produce reliable results and help you get the most out of your IT dollar.

Our sales team will customize a solution by working with you and your software providers.

Dell from PTS vs. Dell Direct

Buying Dell equipment from PTS gives you a powerful combination of PTS expertise and a dedicated team from Dell.

PTS knows your current IT and your business. PTS works with Dell specialist to but the most cost effective solutions together.

Purchasing Dell equipment from PTS provides many advantages over Dell Direct. As a Dell Preferred Partner PTS has access to a dedicated Dell team that includes a sales, server, storage, software and accessories specialists. These specialists work with PTS to ensure that the Dell product being sold is the best to meet your future and current needs.

PTS has extremely competitive Dell pricing.

Dell equipment along with PTS' service and years of experience is a combination that is hard to beat. If you have Dell equipment that you need to purchase, contact the PTS Customer Service at (210) 341-4806 to ensure that you get the most out of your IT dollars.