How-To Deliverables

We offer step-by-step how-to guides called deliverables for many in-house I.T. tasks that users can perform on your computers and networks.


Users can be trained to perform these tasks so that your company
can be self-sufficient in many areas of IT. If there are tasks that are
performed on a regular basis and you would like information on how to perform the
tasks you can request a deliverable for the steps from PTS. Below are some
examples of what in-house staff can perform using deliverables

  • Enabling and disabling user accounts
  • Creating new users and mailboxes
  • Virus removal
  • Configure IP addresses
  • Troubleshoot printer issues
  • Install application
  • Install applications on terminal server
  • Changing default printers
  • Changing passwords
  • Resetting user account passwords


Deliverables can be created for many other things. If there is something that you want to be able to have your staff perform in-house you can request a deliverable for that item by creating a service ticket. You can also request a deliverable for troubleshooting steps performed to resolve minor issues while working on a service ticket with a technician.

Customers most successful at managing I.T. costs perform many in-house tasks. Some of these tasks can be found on our Customer Protection Agreement. The Customer Protection Agreement is the basic level of service provided by Palmer Technology Solutions and can be found at the link below.