Ways to Improve your Business Technology Infrastructure this Year

For many of us, the start of a new year means making plans for improvement and setting goals for the year. Several areas may be of importance to your company, but if you’re searching for an effective business solution, you might want to focus on your technology infrastructure. The technological revolution has affected and improved […]Read More

How Outsourcing Your IT Can Help Increase Productivity

Almost all businesses face IT-related issues on a regular basis. Imagine yourself working on a project with a tight deadline, when suddenly your network connection drops. It’s something we’ve all experienced. The question is, who is tasked with troubleshooting these issues in your organization? Do the administrative, sales, or other staff members of your company […]Read More

What it Takes to Become an IT Support Technician

IT Support Technicians play an important role in an organization. They are responsible for maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure, ensuring that all computers, network connections, and software are working properly. With the constant evolution of technology and the need for companies to digitize their systems, IT Support Technicians are currently in high demand.  Over the […]Read More

On-premises to Cloud Migration: How it Can Benefit You

As technology continues to rapidly advance, many organizations have turned to cloud computing for flexibility, cost savings, and adaptability. Although physical servers are an integral part of business operations, their maintenance costs, lack of scalability, and the amount of space they require may lead you to consider cloud computing. Transitioning to a cloud-based platform will […]Read More

A Passwordless Era is Here

On September 15, Microsoft announced on their blog post1that they are going passwordless. It means that users will no longer have to enter their passwords to access their Microsoft account.  For a lot of us, this is a great relief and something worth celebrating. Password frustration is real. Many people are fed up with changing passwords constantly, […]Read More